Day 356, Year 10: Weather Watch
Date: Thursday, October 1, 2015
Weather: Overcast/Misty All Day, Rain Tonight, High mid-50’s F, Wind NNW 10
Location: Quissett Harbor, Falmouth, MA

It is the first of October and we have all been put on a weather watch. What will Hurricane Joaquim do? I’m going with the model that says it will go out to sea rather than up the coast. If we are lucky and it does this, we’ll still get some wind and moisture, but better that than a direct hit. I think we’ll all know more tomorrow when Joaquin exits the Bahamas.

Today was a quiet day. I did a little ‘house’ cleaning, caught up on some correspondence, and headed into town to pick Sam and Jonah up from school. Heather had to go to a dinner in Boston tonight, so I stayed and fixed dinner for Jed and the boys. I’ll go to Boston in the morning to take Mark to his Friday afternoon radiation treatment and then we will head home to the Cape. It is raining now and the forecast calls for rain all day tomorrow. I’m not a lover of rainy days, but we do need the moisture . . . in moderation. When I talked to Mark tonight he wanted to know the wind speed here. At that time and until just a minute ago, the wind was fairly steady at 10 knots. But after I wrote that in the heading of this log, the wind started to pick up with periodic higher gusts. Rain, wind, cold . . . not my favorite kind of weather.