Day 342, Year 10: Day in the Kitchen
Date: Thursday, September 17, 2015
Weather: Still Sunny and Warm
Location: Quissett Harbor, Falmouth, MA

I spent my day in the kitchen (Heather and Jed’s kitchen), making Magic Mineral Broth, roasting beets, cooking kale, and baking acorn squash. I’ll bet you can guess what we’ll be eating this weekend. I feel bad about invading H & J’s kitchen, but I really can’t make and can the broth on the boat–at least not in the volume that I am doing. Yesterday I used their grill to roast the chickens, today I used their kitchen to make the broth, tonight I am using their refrigerator to chill the broth so I can skim off the fat in the morning, and tomorrow I will return to use their kitchen to can the broth and chicken soup. This is definitely a three-day process, but we are convinced that it is worth the effort. Something in that broth seems to be one of the things that keeps Mark healthy, so I’ll just keep invading kitchens and making the broth!

Mark is feeling so much better than he did last week. He met with this Mass General urologist on Tuesday and he got the report back on the urine culture today. The infection is gone, so the antibiotics worked, even if they did upset his system a bit. He’ll be coming home tomorrow evening on the bus so that I can stay here and complete the canning process. It will be wonderful to have him home for the weekend.