Day 339, Year 10: Happy Birthday to Justin
Date: Monday, September 14, 2015
Weather: Partly Cloudy, Windy, and Cool—Feels Like Fall
Location: AstraZeneca Hope Lodge, Jamaica Plain Neighborhood, Boston, MA

‘Happy Birthday’ to our son Justin. And ‘Happy Birthday’ to the other two men in our lives that share Justin’s birthday—Justin’s Uncle Steve (Mark’s brother) and our good friend Kevin Russell. We had planned to spend last night with Kevin and Claire in Ashburn, Virginia to celebrate, but at the last minute we had to back-out and drive on so that we could make it home in time today. Getting Mark back to Mass General by 3 pm this afternoon for his radiation treatment had to take precedence over visiting with friends, but we sure hope Kevin had a happy birthday celebration without us. Mark talked to his brother Steve this morning and we talked to Justin tonight. Justin, Jo, and kids spent the weekend at a resort on the southwestern tip of Puerto Rico and had a wonderful time. They rented a Hobi Cat yesterday and all enjoyed sailing about in it. Justin has never really enjoyed sailing all that much, but evidently messing about in boats of some kind prevails. He’s actually working on converting a canoe they have into a sailing trimaran. The sailing gene dominates!

We started out at 8 am this morning and had absolutely no traffic—very different from our trip south on Friday afternoon. We were approaching the Tappanzee Bridge in record time so we called our friends Ed and Lynne to see if they could meet us for a cup of coffee. We only had a bagel for breakfast and on Google Maps we found a diner in Nyack where we could have breakfast for lunch AND visit with Ed and Lynne at the same time. We didn’t make this decision until we were almost there, but when we called Ed and Lynne and they came straight away. It was great to see them. Ed is feeling better than he has for weeks and we really enjoyed our short visit. We didn’t have much time, but it was sure worth the stop. And we still made it to Mass General with 30 minutes to spare. It is amazing how different travel can be when there is not bumper to bumper weekend traffic.

While Mark had his radiation treatment, I walked to Whole Foods to buy groceries. At the time I thought I needed to fix dinner for us tonight. But as it turned out, some people who work for AstraZeneca (the biopharmaceutical company that sponsored the building of this hope lodge) were providing dinner for everyone here at the Hope Lodge tonight. It seems that at least once or twice a week dinners are provided by one group or another which is great for the people staying here. Late tomorrow morning I will take Mark to Mass General and then I will head home to check on Windbird. I’ll then return here on Friday morning.