Day 338, Year 10: 100 Years of Perfection
Date: Sunday, September 13, 2015
Weather: Mostly Sunny, Cool (overnight temp in the 50’s)
Location: EconoLodge, Harrisburg, PA

This afternoon Aunt Ethel’s 100th birthday party was held at the Hidden Valley Country Club in Salem. The napkins said it all, “100 Years of Perfection.” When you see the photos of Aunt Ethel you will understand part of that. She is still beautiful on the outside at age 100, but more importantly she is just as beautiful on the inside. What a special thing to be related to such an amazing woman. She has always been a staunch Democrat and she received a card from our current President today. That delighted her. When asked what she would have done if either of her husbands had been a Republican, she simply replied, “I wouldn’t have married them.” My family is related to Aunt Ethel through her first marriage to my mother’s oldest brother. Her second marriage was to John Lamanca and it was his family that had the party today. They lost their mother and then Aunt Ethel came along and became their second mother. It is obvious how much they love and respect her. It was a long drive down to Roanoke, but it was well worth it just to be there today. In addition, we got to visit with my sister Patsy and brother-in-law Joe and some of my nieces and nephews. We had a wonderful time and are now on our way home. We drove about four and a half hours today and have six and a half to go. So we have to get an early start in order to be at Mass General by 3 pm for Mark’s radiation treatment. And by the way, he is feeling stronger each day so maybe the trip was good for him.

150913 Day 338 Roanoke, VA–Aunt Ethel's 100th Party