Day 318, Year 10: Old Neighborhood, New Neighbors
Date: Monday, August 24, 2015
Weather: Cloudy AM, Gorgeous PM, Temp Upper 70’s, Wind SW 8
Location: Back in Quissett Harbor, Falmouth, MA

Two months and one day after the “Big Blow” that sent us flying into shallow water with a rocky bottom, we are back in Quissett’s outer harbor just a couple of moorings from the one that we drug. So we are back in the old neighborhood with a repaired bottom that looks as good as new. When we arrived this afternoon and picked up the mooring, we saw that we have a new boat in the neighborhood.

150824 Day 318a Cape Cod, USA–Old Neighborhood, New Neighbor

We are right next to Rhodora, Bob and Beth Lux’s Bermuda 40. The last time we saw Rhodora was sometime in the 1990’s when they had her stored in their front yard. Bob and Beth did a six-year circumnavigation in the 1980’s and have since then sailed across the Atlantic making sure they visited the chilly waters of Greenland and Iceland. This summer they went to Bermuda and back just because they had never done that! So it feels great to have such wonderful neighbors. In a few days we might be moving back into the inner harbor, but we won’t be far away. We’ll look forward to visiting with Bob and Beth when they come down from Bow, New Hampshire on the weekends.

Early this morning, Windbird was cradled in the slings of the travel-lift so that bottom paint could be applied where the blocks and supports had been. Around 1 pm she was put in the water and Mark drove her around to the fuel dock. We gathered our dinghy and kayak with the help of marina personnel and got them attached to Windbird. Then we filled the fuel and water tanks and pumped out the holding tank. One minute before 3 pm, we pulled away from the dock and were on our way back home to Quissett Harbor. We want to thank the staff at Fiddler’s Cove for doing such a great job on the repairs. And they all do their work with a smile and a friendly helping hand which makes life on the hard so much more pleasant. Our insurance company, Blue Water, also came through. We got the money for the towing costs, the repairs, and for a new dinghy motor a couple of days ago. I still can’t believe how much the TowBoat US costs were for towing, but thankfully they were there when we needed them. Now we just have to hope that this is a quiet hurricane year. I’m not sure I have the nerve to go through any more ‘windy’ adventures this season!

150824 Day 318b Cape Cod, USA–From Land to Water