Day 30, Year 10: Sunday Funday
Date: Sunday, November 9, 2014
Weather: Most Overcast and Cool
Location: R Dock, Lightkeepers Marina, Little River, SC

This Sunday was a Funday. Mark and I slept in and then took a walk around the boardwalk that surrounds Coquina Harbor (right here where Lightkeepers is located). We returned to Windbird and did a little research and planning for possible ‘outings’ from Fort Lauderdale this winter—around the Keys to the Gulf Coast of Florida and to the Bahamas, and we invited Lee and Lynda over for dinner tomorrow night to discuss these plans. Then we picked up Patsy and Joe and headed north to Oak Island. Friends Judy and Brian Thompson live there, right on the beach, and we enjoyed the remainder of the afternoon there. The view and the sound of the waves lapping on the beach were so peaceful as we sat on the deck and visited. I love the ocean. No matter how many times I see beautiful views and hear the sound of the waves, each time is like the first, and each time is better than the last. So sitting on the deck this afternoon was a real treat. Judy and Brian had never heard of the Green Flash, so when the time came, we watched the sun sink below the horizon. But as is our luck—no Green Flash—but still it was a beautiful sunset. Mark and I have watched sunsets all around the world and have yet to see this optical phenomenon. We have become non-believers. But tonight I was flipping through the latest copy of Cruising World magazine and checked to see where Fatty and Carolyn Goodlander are now. They are on their third world circumnavigation and in this month’s article, they admitted that this year they saw the Green Flash for the very first time. When conditions are just right, a green spot on the upper rim of the sun or a green ray shooting up from the sunset can be seen. The Goodlander’s give us hope that one of these days we’ll get lucky and see that illusive flash.

141109 Day 30 Little River, SC–Visit with Judy & Brian on Oak Island