Day 287, Year 10: Enjoying Quissett Harbor
Date: Friday, July 24, 2015
Weather: Yet Another Beautiful Day
Location: Quissett Harbor, Falmouth, MA

It is 10:30 at night and all is well on Windbird. Heather and Ollie are asleep in the v-berth. Sam and Jonah are asleep on the settees in the main saloon. Jed is in the cockpit reading. I am in the bed in the aft cabin writing this log while Mark is sleeping beside me. It was a great day. Heather and Jed dropped the boys off this morning and then they headed to work. Mark stayed aboard Windbird to rest while I went to the beach with the boys. We played on the beach until time for Sam to head to Woods Hole for his School of Science Class. While he was there, the rest of us went into Falmouth to the supermarket and then went to Belltower Park to have lunch and play until time to Pick-up Sam. We then returned to Quissett for more afternoon fun. Sam can now take the dinghy across the harbor by himself and Jonah can steer the kayak alone. Ollie desperately wants to be able to do everything his big brothers can do, but unfortunately he has to rely on them to take him along for at least another year or two. Thankfully, they are willing to take him along. When Heather arrived in the late afternoon and Sam took the dinghy to shore to pick her up, I think she was amazed at his ability to handle the dinghy alone. And then Jonah swam with Heather from the beach out to Windbird. He had on his ‘swimmies’ but just the fact that he was willing to be in water over head was amazing. He has always had more than a healthy fear of water, but this summer he is getting over that. We had a great evening, even fit in a little fishing at the end of the day, and will start again tomorrow morning.

150724 Day 287 Cape Cod, USA–Jonah Swims to Windbird from the Beach