Day 27, Year 10: Work Day on the Boat
Date: Thursday, November 6, 2014
Weather: Overcast with Periods of Sunshine; Temp in the 70’s F
Location: R Dock, Lightkeepers Marina, Little River, SC

I spent my entire day on Windbird sitting in ‘my’ seat on the port settee—sending emails, editing and naming photos, reading and taking notes from the Southern Waterway Guide. I’m doing the latter to prepare for the possibility of traveling from here to Fort Lauderdale in the Intracoastal rather than going outside. The decision on how we go will be made at the last minute depending on the weather, so we need to prepare for both possibilities. Lee came over this morning and helped Mark with a project he has been putting off for over a year. One of our bilge pumps has not been working and Mark knew that when he replaced the bilge pump he was going to have to do some major rewiring. With Lee’s help (Lee said he felt like a nurse assisting a doctor in the operating room) the rewiring got started and the pump got installed. But it is not working correctly. So either something is wrong with the pump or something is wrong with the wiring. That project will be continued this weekend.

Tonight we went to a Sail and Power Squadron fun night at a local restaurant. After heavy hors d’oeuvres during Happy Hour, we played DJ Bingo. A DJ played music from various decades and you got to put a marker on your bingo card if you knew the name of the song. It was so much fun and you can legally cheat! Lee used his iPhone and Siri told us the names of almost every song. We recognized almost all of the songs, but we didn’t know the names, so Siri was quite useful. We played Beatlemania, Fabulous 50’s, the 60’s, and Dead and Gone (artists no longer living). Mark and I both knew ‘We Will Rock You’ by Queen without consulting Siri. We looked at each other in dismay and then realized we knew it because we have heard Jonah sing this on his karaoke machine. You learn so much from your grandkids! Mark was jealous of Lee’s ability to consult Siri, but then he learned that there is an app for his phone called SoundHound. He downloaded it and he is using it right now while I’m writing this log. We put on a Beatles album when we got home and SoundHound is doing a great job of identifying the songs. So we’ll have to go back for another DJ Bingo night and give SoundHound a real workout.

Tomorrow Patsy and I leave early for a doctor’s appointment that is in Murrells Inlet, south of Myrtle Beach. On the way home, we’ll stop to do a little food shopping at Costco and we’ll stop at some furniture stores to look at lamps for Patsy and Joe’s sunroom. While we are gone, Mark will paint the new handrail in their garage and the door that leads into the house. As always, we are busy, busy.

141106 Day 27 Little River, SC–Lee & Mark Doing Elec Work; Windbird at LKM