Day 244, Year 10: Here and There
Date: Thursday, June 11, 2015
Weather: Partly Cloudy, Warm and Humid
Location: Quissett Harbor, Falmouth, MA

I spent my day going here and there, a disjointed sort of day. I had to take Mark to work at West Marine by 10 am and then I had a physical therapy appointment at 10:45. There wasn’t enough time between the two to do much, so I drove to Heather’s with my laundry bags and started the first laundry load of the day. Then it was off to PT. The rheumatologist I saw last week prescribed PT to help me build stamina so that I can walk two miles without aches and pains. I like the therapist and I can already tell that her suggestions are helping. But I was done there at 11:15 and had another 45 minutes to kill before going to Woods Hole to pick Ollie up from school. So I went back to Heather’s and switched laundry loads, picked greens from the garden to make a salad for lunch, and then headed the 20 minutes to Woods Hole. On the way home Ollie and I stopped to see the osprey on the nest that is close to the road. We walked toward the viewing area, the osprey just sat on her nest. Then Ollie exclaimed, “She’s staring at me!” And she was. He was amazed that she didn’t fly away and then he told me that they have baby birds in a nest in the pampas-grass in their front yard. Later in the day I got to see them—just hatched, naked little birds that look up at you with their mouths wide open waiting for food. I’ve never seen a nest so close to the ground. I just hope our observations don’t upset the momma too much. I’d hate to see her abandon those babies.

Heather was in Hyannis with Jonah this afternoon. Jonah had a dentist appointment and then they went to Toys R Us to look at bicycles. Jonah’s sixth birthday is coming up soon and Heather thought he might like a bicycle. As it turned out, he wanted just about everything else in the store, but not a bicycle. Heather called and asked me to pick Sam up after school as she and Jonah weren’t going to make it back in time. Kira, the middle-school aged baby sitter, arrived in time to stay with Ollie while I went to get Sam. And when I got back, I did yet another load of laundry. When I do my laundry at Heather’s, I combine mine with theirs, and there is always plenty to keep you busy all day long.

150611 Day 244 Cape Cod, USA–Baby Birds