Day 22, Year 10: Can’t Believe It’s November
Date: Saturday, November 1, 2014
Weather: Rainy and Cold
Location: R Dock, Lightkeepers Marina, Little River, SC

The temperature outside tells me it’s November. The clocks that will fall back an hour during the night saying farewell to Daylight Savings Time until next spring tell me it’s November. But somehow the move south confused my inner calendar and I’m refusing to believe that time has marched on. I just can’t believe it is November already. But it is and I’ll catch up one of these days.

We started today with a video Skype call from Heather, Jed, and boys. We heard about Halloween parades at school yesterday and about going out ‘Trick or Treating’ last night. Jonah boasted about getting all KitKats, a favorite candy, as that was a choice at almost every house. Jonah also got to show us his knight’s vest and horse he made at school. Sam told us about getting the first mini-donut in a game he played at Cub Scouts on Monday evening and then he told Granddad all about a new game he plays on his dad’s tablet. And all the while, Ollie wanted our full attention. I’m sure he doesn’t miss us as much as we miss him, but he is quite adamant that we focus on him. He said he really wants to spend the night on Windbird and we don’t know how to explain to a two year-old that Windbird is just too far away.

As we ended our Skype call, the rain started and it continued all day and evening. We spent the day at Patsy and Joe’s doing some cooking and starting the job of scanning pictures and negatives from our past 40 years together. When we moved onto our boat in 2003, we took six big plastic bins of photo albums and negatives to Patsy and Joe’s for safe keeping. We are now thinking it is time to down-size the photo collection, so we are starting by scanning the negatives. It is a very s-l-o-w process, so we’ll just have to see how far we get. In between cooking and scanning and assembling the new coffee table and end tables for the sunroom, we also watched a bit of college football. We had to leave before the TCU-WV Mountaineers game ended. I’m a WVU alumni and I was not happy to find out later this evening that the Mountaineers lost by one point. We went to Lynda and Lee Kaufman’s for dinner and had a great evening visiting with them and their friends, Mitch and Martha. Mitch and Martha have a 36-foot trawler, so when the other four of us would start talking in sailboat lingo, Mitch reminded us that we were talking in a foreign language. But he works at West Marine, so we had that language in common. It was a fun evening.

The thermometer keeps dropping and it could get down into the 30’s tonight. Burr!!! We just caved and turned on a heater. It is only supposed to get into the 50’s tomorrow, so we are heading back to Patsy and Joe’s to continue projects.