Day 209, Year 10: Passage to Cape Cod, Day 5–FOG
Date: Thursday, May 7, 2015
Weather: Dense Fog; High Temp in the 60’s, Wind Variable to SW 5
Latitude: 40 13.119 N
Longitude: 072 35.614 W
Location: 35 Miles South of Moriches Inlet, Long Island, NY

We are sailing along the southern shore of Long Island and until just 10 minutes ago, we have been in dense fog since midnight. I guess 5 o’clock is good for something other than the start of Happy Hour. Evidently fog lifts at that time as well. It is now 5:10 pm and the fog is gone-just that quick. Somehow I think it will return tonight, but it is nice to at least start the evening being able to see. I really don’t like sailing the fog as it feels like sailing blind. We have been using the radar as our eyes and that is acceptable. But it means getting up and going downstairs to check the radar screen every 15 minutes. Oh well, I guess it’s a good exercise. Other than the fog, there has been little of note today. Mark’s shoulder is no better, but he does have more energy than he has for the past two weeks. This is good because he’ll need that energy with those three rowdy grandsons once we reach Cape Cod. We should be there sometime tomorrow afternoon. The NE winds on our nose clocked to the E and then on to the SW early this afternoon and we are once again making decent speed. The GPS tells me that at our current speed of 5.2 knots we should arrive in Quissett Harbor at 5:10 pm tomorrow afternoon. So 24 more hours and we are home!

150507 Day 209 Passage to Cape Cod–Fifth Day, Fog
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