Day 207, Year 10: Passage to Cape Cod, Day 3—A Little Sailing
Date: Tuesday, May 5, 2015
Weather: Sunny and Warm (70’s F); Wind SW 15-20 Going S 20-25
Latitude: 37 09.458 N
Longitude: 075 44.111 W
Location: Off Cape Charles, Southern Tip of Delmarva Peninsula

This morning we actually got to do a little sailing, but by afternoon our course put the wind directly behind us once again and the engine came back on. We have had three days of lovely weather with calm seas, but as I write this log, I feel things starting to change. The sky is still blue with not a cloud, but the seas are starting to build making us rock and roll a bit. The weather forecast tells us we might have showers and thunderstorms tonight, but that seems hard to believe given how beautiful and clear it is right now. And the forecast is changing constantly. We expected to get NE winds against us tomorrow, and that might still happen. But different weather models don’t agree on what is going to happen. So as always, we shall see. But by the time we leave the New Jersey coast headed for Block Island and then home base in Buzzards Bay, we should have settled weather once again.

We are filling our time by reading books, taking naps to make up for the short hours of sleep during the night, and watching the weather. It is still hard for me to get used to having cell service and internet when we are out here allowing us to keep a closer eye on the weather. And I was able to talk to my sister Patsy and brother-in-law Joe again today. And hopefully I’ll still be connected and can post this log directly to the website. When I send the log via email it loses its formatting and is hard to read. Apologies for that, but at least it gets there. I still find that amazing!

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