Day 204, Year 10: Still in Little River
Date: Saturday, May 2, 2015
Weather: Mostly Sunny
Location: Lightkeepers Marina, Little River, SC

We are still in Little River. It was a lovely day on land but we made the decision to let the seas settle for the day before heading out. Cape Hatteras had a storm last night and the seas were 10 feet early this morning. They were dropping and should be down to 4 feet tonight. The ‘thing’, currently being referred to as a possible tropical low pressure system, is still brewing in the Bahamas and it looks like it will be a named storm. But it shouldn’t cause us a problem as we head north. We’ll take off around 8 am tomorrow morning and hopefully be home by Saturday morning. We have decided to try to do the whole trip offshore. We are going to have to do a lot of motoring, but we would have to motor if we went inside, so we’ll call it a draw. The good news is that the weather should be fairly settled for the entire week.

This morning we got things ready aboard Windbird for the trip north. I’m sure the people in the marina wonder what we are going to do with rotating compost bin and a huge bundle of nested tomato cages, but they didn’t ask and we didn’t tell. Those items are now onboard and ready for the trip north to Heather and Jed’s garden. We did our final fresh food shopping and then went to Patsy and Joe’s for the afternoon and evening. I washed all of the vegetables I bought at the supermarket and laid them out to dry. While they were drying, Patsy and I got out the floor plan of the new house and did a little furniture placement. We also ordered a new bedspread online as she wants to get rid of her current comforter. It is just too big and too heavy to handle easily. I made Toll House squares to add to the brownies Patsy had already made for Mark. And I did the very last load of laundry. While preparing dinner, we stopped long enough to watch the Kentucky Derby. When I watched the jockeys walk out, I immediately made my pick. I went with the guy in a hot pink shirt with huge polka dots. Actually it wasn’t a bad choice as he came in second. But as we watched the race, Joe called the winner as he saw him pulling up from behind. For dinner Patsy made a great salad and baked sweet potatoes while Joe grilled the thickest steaks I have ever seen. And he called the winner on those as well as they were perfectly done. They weren’t tenderloins, but they were melt-in-your-mouth tender and tasty. Joe also made more of his world class shortcakes to have with strawberries for dessert. The dinner was a great way to end our time here with Patsy and Joe. We always enjoy our visits here with Patsy and Joe so much and we’re really looking forward to visiting them in their new home near Nashville. We won’t be sailing there, but we can do land travel when the need arises.

150502 Day 204 Little River, USA–Dinner with Patsy and Joe
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