Day 194, Year 10: Earth Day Contributions
Date: Wednesday, April 22, 2015
Weather: Another Sunny Day with No Rain
Location: Lightkeepers Marina, Little River, SC

Happy Earth Day! This was a day to make a positive contribution to our earth. My niece Candi’s daughter Katie had a baby today. Welcome, Hailey Thomas. There’s no greater contribution than that of a new life. Today my contribution wasn’t quite so spectacular, but I spent the day doing something I’m good at . . . cleaning. This cleaning day, I continued my attack on Patsy and Joe’s attic, getting it ready for the move in June. Mark and I also cleaned out a tumbler-type compost bin that we will take back to Cape Cod to add to the Goldstone ‘homestead’. Composting is a continuous process for the Heather and Jed’s garden and a tumbler will greatly aid the process. Joe bought this a couple of years ago but found turning the bin just a bit too much for his back. So he decided to give it to Heather and Jed, assuming we will be able to get it to fit somewhere on Windbird for the trip home. I figure three little boys can keep the thing tumbling on a daily basis and quickly turn all their food garbage back into rich compost for the garden. So although all I did was clean today, I think I can claim a little fame for trying to make this earth a better place.

Today was Lee Kaufman’s birthday so we invited Lee and Lynda out to dinner. We went to our favorite Asian restaurant and enjoyed the food and catching up on happenings since we returned from our winter sailing adventure. Lee got his ear pierced as a birthday present, but if the aim was to make him look like a pirate, it didn’t work. He still looks just like Lee. Lee and Lynda are already talking about their plans for cruising next winter. We, of course, are still trying to get home from this winter’s adventure. We made the decision today to stay here for another week to wait out adverse weather. And if the weather is still not cooperating, we’ll wait one more week. At that point, we’ll head north no matter what. We plan to be back on Cape Cod no later than May 21, so we’ll just watch the weather carefully and pick what looks like the best opportunity.

Heather, Jed, and boys are in Washington, DC, this week visiting with Jed’s mom, Marti. Jed and Marti took the boys to the Aerospace Museum, giving Heather the day off. She spent her morning in Georgetown and posted the most beautiful photo of tulips on her Facebook page. I’m ‘borrowing’ her photo and posting it here in celebration of the earth.

150422 Day 194 Little River, USA–Happy Earth Day