Day 193, Year 10: Hurray—P & J’s House Sold Today
Date: Tuesday, April 21, 2015
Weather: Sunny Day with No Rain!!!
Location: Lightkeepers Marina, Little River, SC

Patsy’s and Joe’s house sold today and the closing date on this house will be just a couple of days before the closing on the new house in Mt. Juliet near Nashville. They couldn’t ask for better timing, so hopefully everything will go through as planned and Patsy and Joe will be relocated by mid-June. Patsy can now put her energy into getting rid of the things they don’t want to take with them and packing those special things that you don’t want the movers to touch. We’ll do what we can to help as long as we are here. But that is a real question. We were gearing up to leave on Friday, but the weather is looking just awful for the next week—enough rain to make things miserable and wind against us every day. We still might go for it, but tonight we are leaning towards waiting for another week or maybe two hoping for better weather. Waiting would mean rearranging Mark’s treatment schedule and each week’s delay gets us back to Cape Cod later and later. West Marine could use Mark early in May if possible, so we will spend one more day contemplating and then make a final decision.

The early part of our day was spent checking more jobs off the boat ‘To Do’ list—putting fabric guard on the cockpit canvas, climbing the mast to install a new LED light bulb, wading through weather forecasts for next week in all of the places where we would stop from here to Norfolk, packing up the inflatable kayak and storing it inside the boat (after unpacking and drying it out after its storage time on deck). Then we went to Patsy and Joe’s and Mark jacked up the house in one place to correct a sagging beam and Patsy and I got out the photos of the new house and we thought about where some of her pieces of furniture might fit. We topped off the day by going out to dinner to celebrate. Hurray, hurray!!!

150421 Day 193 Little River, USA–Up the Mast and Packing Kayak