Day 192, Year 10: Home from the Hospital
Date: Monday, April 20, 2015
Weather: Partly Cloudy, Rain Overnight, Temp 80 degrees F
Location: Lightkeepers Marina, Little River, SC

My sister Patsy was released from the hospital today. The doctor told her that the CT scan did not show a blockage and he had no idea what had caused her problem. But whatever, she is fine now and that’s all that counts. I went to the hospital early this morning and spent some time with her and when I got back to Lightkeepers, I did the laundry while Mark went to pick up our repaired dodger and buy a few items at West Marine. When he returned he brought all of the boxes of photos that we picked up at Lynda and Lee’s Saturday down to the boat from the van and we got those stored in the v-berth. The new zipper in the dodger is fantastic. Jack at Sunset Canvas does fantastic work and his charges are quite reasonable. If we decide to have a new dodger and bimini made, we would sail all the way here to get the work done. High quality work at reasonable prices is hard to come by in the boating community.

Tomorrow we will decide whether or not we are leaving here on Friday or Saturday or whether we will stay for two more weeks. We’d love to stay longer, but it would also feel good to get home. Mark found out today that his work at West Marine can start as soon as we get there and I think he also has the possibility of a consulting job. While he’s busy working, I’d like to work in our storage unit trying to pare down to a 10 x 10 unit. That means getting rid of half of the stuff we have in storage and I don’t know if I can do that. But it’s worth a try.

We went to Patsy and Joe’s for dinner tonight and for dessert Joe made what he called ‘world class’ shortcakes. And I must agree with his classification as they were really good. Patsy added the strawberries and I added the ice cream. Yummy, as you can see here in the photos.

150420 Day 192 Little River, USA–Strawberry Shortcake