Day 179, Year 10: Happy Birthday, Ziggy
Date: Tuesday, April 7, 2015
Weather: Beautiful Weather–Sunny, Temp in the 80’s, Winds E 10
Location: At Anchor in Palm Beach, Florida

Today our son’s first born turned six. Ziggy Milo was born as we were sailing from Thailand back down to Malaysia. Just before re-entering Malaysia, we stopped at Ko Lippe Island, bought a Chinese lantern, and sent it into the night sky to honor Ziggy’s birth. It looked just like a star as it rose in the sky and we have always thought of Ziggy as our little star since then. We got to sing Happy Birthday to him today via Skype video and it looked like he was having a great day. Happy Birthday, Ziggy!

And welcome to Mary Ellen, Lee, and Steve. Mark’s family arrived before noon and we spent a delightful day together. We had lunch on Windbird, drove over to The Society of the Four Arts to walk through the botanical and sculpture gardens, and then took off on a shopping trip. We bought a 20-pound propane tank so that we will have heat as we travel north, bought beer to replenish our dwindling supply, and made a stop at Costco to replace our dwindling food supply. We had dinner aboard Windbird and it is now way past time to go bed. We are so happy to have Mark’s family aboard and need to get a good night’s rest so we can continue the fun tomorrow.

150407 Day 179 Florida, USA–ME, Lee, and Steve Arrive in WPB
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