Day 177, Year 10: Easter Day in Boynton Beach
Date: Sunday, April 5, 2015
Weather: Sunny, Temp in the 80’s, Winds SE <10
Location: At Anchor in Palm Beach, Florida

Here’s hoping the Easter Bunny brought ‘hoppiness’ your way today. We had a lovely day in Boynton Beach with my sister-in-law Sue and her husband Brad. They have done so much for us while we have been in Florida this winter and today’s Easter dinner was delightful. One of Sue’s friends, Joanne (hope I spelled that right), was there, as well as Sue’s younger sister Ginny. Tuesday is Ginny’s birthday (the BIG 70) so we celebrated that as well. Thank you, Sue and Brad, for today and for all of the things you have done for us in the past three months. We really appreciate that you were here for us.

We took the train down to Boynton Beach which takes only16 minutes and costs $2.50 per person. Not a bad way to travel. When we got back to the West Palm station this evening, we walked the mile to the waterfront just for the exercise. That little rolling cart we bought the other day is coming in handy. I took sheets and towels to Sue’s to wash today and the bag was heavy. The cart made carrying the weight easy. We’ll probably be using it a lot this week as we prepare for the trek northward. But we will have a car for carting supplies come Tuesday. Mark’s sister, brother-in-law, and brother are coming over from the Gulf Coast to spend a couple of days with us. Since they will have a car, we will be able to provision more easily. After listening to the weather tomorrow morning, we will have a better idea of what our sail plan will be. Right now we are hoping to leave here Thursday afternoon and make a mad dash for Little River in South Carolina. But a strong cold front might prevent that from happening. So we will provision for the long haul and hope that we will use very little of the food in a four day trip.

150405 Day 177 Florida, USA–Easter Day in Boynton Beach
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