Day 83, Year 1: Trek from Clifton to Ashton
Date: Sunday, January 8, 2006
Location: Behind Newlands Reef, Union Island, The Grenadines

It is sundown and we just got back from a walk to the next town of Ashton. We are sitting here in the cockpit facing the stern of the boat which is directly west. The sky gods decided on an understated color scheme this evening. The western horizon is painted with shades of dusky pink and yellows mixed with streaks of gray clouds and topped with shades of blue. Not as colorful as some evenings, but still beautiful.

Ashton is about two miles from here. We walk through Clifton, up a hill, head down the hill and pass the elementary school with its playing fields right on the ocean, up another hill and past the Catholic church, down a hill and through a mangrove area where we saw lots of the dreaded Manchineel trees, and finally into Ashton. Manchineel trees are often found on beaches and are much like poison oak. Best to learn what they look and not to touch. These trees were all marked with bright red paint to help people notice them.

Not much else to report today. We spent the morning doing some much needed boat cleaning—this time on the outside. We polished stainless and cleaned the aft topsides. We continue to work on our trip schedule from here to the Galapagos and will report on that once it is completed.

060108 Day 83 Caribbean, Union Island–Walk About
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