Day 419, Year 1: All Work and No Play
Date: Monday, December 11, 2006
Weather: Sunny and Still a Little Breezy
Location: Whangarei, New Zealand

We put in a full twelve hour day today and we still have miles to go. I spent my entire day polishing stainless (an endless job on a boat) and sanding and varnishing (another endless job). Mark spent his early morning with the sail maker putting our sails back up. Next he went up the mast to install the new lazy jacks, and then he got out the sewing machine and started on the many projects on his list. He made a cover for the new grill Mary Ellen and Lee brought to us in Tahiti (seems like just yesterday) and made a sun cover for the dinghy which will stay on deck while we are gone.

Mid-day we talked to Alan and Helaine Kanesgberg from Concord via Skype. We are trying to make reservations for whatever vehicle we will use for exploring New Zealand with them. It looks like we are going to rent a van and stay in cabins and motels instead of renting the campervan, so right now Mark is online on another computer trying to make those reservations. We are excited to get together with Alan and Helaine and start our trip planning while we are home.

During the morning, Pam and Scott , the legally blind couple I wrote about in last night’s log, moved their boat Starship to the slip just one down from us. All available hands on the dock gathered to ensure they had a safe landing in the new slip. I took pictures as it was a real demonstration of how cruisers just pitch in to help one another. Tonight Starship is twinkling with little blue Christmas lights. There is not much else here to remind us that Christmas is only two weeks away, but Pam and Scott have brought the Christmas spirit to Riverside Drive Marina.

061211 Day 419 New Zealand–Docking Starship
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