Day 398, Year 1: Change of Plans
Date: Monday, November 20, 2006
Weather: Partly Sunny Day; Temperature in the 60’s
Location: Opua, New Zealand

It was 0945 this morning and I was stepping out of the cockpit on to the deck. Ye old back quickly told me that this was not to be, so plans were changed. My cold or flu or whatever I have is actually worse and my back is still giving me problems, so I stayed on the boat once again today. Mark went to shore to check out a few things, but he came back and spent the day aboard as well. Our trip to Waitangi will have to wait. We will try again tomorrow if we are up to it, but we won’t know about that until morning.

Late this afternoon we headed into the Cruising Club to enjoy a musical presentation by the elementary school children and complimentary snacks. The children all wore school t-shirts that say, “Opua School-Caring and Sharing”. The songs were all Maori even though most of the students were of European descent. The children’s efforts were appreciated by all. And after the entertainment, we mingled and met new people. Tomorrow night the Cruising Club is hosting a complimentary dinner for cruisers and on Thursday evening they are serving a full Thanksgiving feast. It is a very active cruising club and we are certainly enjoying their hospitality.

At tonight’s gathering, Geoff who runs the daily complimentary shuttle to Paihia offered to take a few of us to Kerikeri on Wednesday. This is the largest town in the area and we are going along just to explore. We have decided to stay here until at least Saturday or Sunday, but weather permitting, we will most likely leave here on Monday to head to Whangarei. If we do, we should arrive there on Wednesday of next week.

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