Day 38, Year 1: Giving Thanks
Date: Thursday, November 24, 2005
Weather: Sunny, Moderating Temp (not quite freezing)
Location: Solomons, Western Shore of Maryland

What a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. The temperatures moderated and the sun was shining. It was a beautiful fall day here in Solomons on the Western Shore of Maryland. And the really wonderful thing that happened is that our son, Justin, made a surprise trip down to spend the afternoon and evening with us. He and his girlfriend, Jeremy Louise, drove from Massachusetts to her home in Tacoma Park last night. She then spent Thanksgiving Day with her family and Justin came here to be with us. It was one more reminder of how lucky we are to have such caring friends and family and for that we truly give thanks on this day of thanksgiving.

Tomorrow we will head out early for the Rappahannock River and then on Saturday for Hampton, Virginia. If the weather holds as reported, we will head offshore on Sunday morning. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday look favorable for crossing the Gulf Stream and then heading for St. Martin in the Caribbean. In order to make up for lost time, we will probably not make our original planned stop in Bermuda. It is about 1, 330 miles from Hampton to St. Martin and that should take us about twelve days if all goes well. A very rough ETA would be Thursday, December 8. Send us your best wishes and I will continue to send daily logs as we travel so you can track our journey. Happy Thanksgiving!

051124 Day 38 Boston to Norfolk, USA–Justin Makes Surprise Thanksgiving Visit