Day 35, Year 1: The Engine Runneth
Date: Monday, November 21, 2005
Weather: Manitoba Clipper System Moving In
Location: Oxford, Maryland, Tred-on-Avon, SailAway Marina

We had a bit of success today. Finally all systems were connected and I had the pleasure of turning the key and starting the new Yanmar for the first time. She started right up and sounded great, but it was late in the day, so the sea trial must wait until morning. If that goes well, we could be out of here by Wednesday morning. That is the glass half full projection and I’m really hoping for that scenario.

The weather here has certainly changed. That streak of sunny weather has ended and the rain has come. They tell us here that the system moving into the Eastern US is a Manitoba Clipper which means high winds and cold weather. Snow is not predicted here, but it is forecast in surrounding areas. Let’s hope it steers clear of the Chesapeake Bay. I just hope we will be headed south on Wednesday and can outrun the truly cold weather. Until the sea trial tomorrow, we just really don’t know what our plans will be. Hope with us that all goes well and that we will soon be on our way.

051121 Day 35 Boston to Norfolk, USA–Putting Windbird Back Together
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