Day 347, Year 1: Getting Ready to Leave Apia
Date: Friday, September 29, 2006
Weather: Moderating Weather
Location: Apia Harbor, Upolu Island, Samoa

We have made the decision to leave here tomorrow mid-day for Tonga. Or at least that is our most current thinking. I worked on pictures all day today and Mark made multiple trips to shore for water, fuel, checking out, and to help other boats. After staying onboard all day organizing pictures, I finally went in to shore for cruiser evening at the dock. Actually we went in a little early with Long Tall Sally to the local Seafood Gourmet Grill and had sashimi before returning to the dock. This little restaurant had sashimi for the first couple of days that we were here and have not had it since—until today. For the equivalent of $5US, they sell a huge plate of fresh tuna, probably 30 pieces. Other places in town give you 4-5 pieces of sashimi for the same price. We think the Seafood Grill sashimi might be the best price in all of the South Pacific.

Tomorrow morning we will do our final food shopping before leaving here sometime in the early afternoon. Splashes will be leaving around noon, so we will have company on our way to Tonga. We had hoped that Windcastle would be leaving with us, but they need a day of rest and will follow on Sunday. We have had a fabulous time in the Samoas, but it is time to move on.