Day 343, Year 1: Saying Goodbye to Justin and Lynn
Date: Monday, September 25, 2006
Weather: Absolutely Beautiful Day
Location: Apia Harbor, Upolu Island, Samoa

It is just about 10 pm and we just took Justin and Lynn ashore to catch a taxi to the airport. It feels incredibly lonely here on Windbird without them. We had a wonderful time with both Lynn and Justin and visited some of the most beautiful sights we have seen in the South Pacific. It was so special to be able to share our time here with family. We can only hope they had as good of a visit with us as we had with them.

Today we had breakfast aboard Windbird and then went to the market for last minute purchases. Mark, Justin, and I returned to Windbird for lunch and then went to the Palolo Deep Marine Preserve for an afternoon in the sun. Lynn went back to the Madd Art Gallery and then met us at the beach. The day ended way too soon. We made a last visit to the internet café and then had dinner at a local Chinese restaurant. We made it back from there just in time to get luggage ashore and hail an airport taxi. They fly out at 12:45 tonight, which is really very early tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow will be a day of rest and decision. We still are not sure whether or not we will leave here and go to Tonga or to Fiji, or to both. We hope to make our decision tomorrow. In the meantime, we will just hope that Lynn and Justin have a good trip home.