Day 322, Year 1: The Sky is Falling
Date: Monday, September 4, 2006
Weather: Rain All Night, Sunshine at Daybreak, Then Rain All Day
Location: Pago Pago Harbor, Tutuila Island, American Samoa

The rain has finally stopped for a few hours but it has felt like the sky was truly falling. The rain seems endless, but we are hopeful that the Convergence Zone will move north and that we will once again have normal weather. There is no indication that it will be moving soon, but the clearing tonight at least makes us feel like it might be moving on.

We spent Labor Day in our cockpit, despite the rain, and had three computers going all day. I have been working on naming pictures on one computer, and Mark has been using the other two-one online for internet researching and one for trying a new navigation program. On a rainy, rainy day, most sailors would be curled up with a good book, but while in a port with wireless internet, we love taking advantage of the time to make Skype calls and to do internet research.

During the day, we did have a bit of excitement in the anchorage. A new boat that arrived yesterday, Secret Affair form New Zealand, drug anchor in the middle of one of our midday tropical storms. The boat drug down between us and Thistledown and at one point looked like it was going to wipe out Thistledown’s windvane steering. Mark, Johah an his brother John from Araby, and Greg from Long Tall Sally were all out in the driving rain trying to prevent a disaster. Soon the boat’s owner returned and motored off to a better anchorage.

We spent our evening aboard Long Tall Sally having dinner with Penny and Greg and learning to play Baja Rummy. We had a great time.

Rain of no rain, we still plan to enjoy American Samoa.

060904 Day 322 American Samoa–Quest to Reanchor Secret Affair
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