Day 275, Year 1: Contact with the Stuarts in Rarotonga
Date: Wednesday, July 19, 2006
Weather: Partly Cloudy
Air and Water Temperature: 77 degrees F
Location: Avatiu Harbor, Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Today started with Mark heading in to see the Harbor Master and me staying aboard doing the usual cleaning at the end of a passage. Mark also spent time checking into how to best get the medical care I will need for my leg and investigated car rental possibilities. He returned just after noon, and before we had a chance to eat lunch, I heard someone calling “Judy” from the dock. It was Linda Stuart along with her husband Michael and son Garrett. It was soooooo good to hear Linda’s voice and see friends from home.

The Stuarts stayed with us all afternoon and had dinner aboard Windbird before heading back to Kura’s Kabanas where they are staying. They came on the island bus and went home that way this evening. Tomorrow morning, Mark and I are renting a car to take me to the hospital for routine blood tests and x-rays and we will then venture around to the side of the island where the Stuarts are staying. Linda and I had to promise not to talk about Concord School District “work” today, but it was very difficult not to get back to that subject. We decided that we need to find something for Michael and Mark to do so we can catch up on all of the school district gossip. I did find out that Steve Rothenberg, Concord School District Technology Coordinator, is now an Assistant Principal at the high school. I doubt that Steve reads these logs, but I have to congratulate him anyway. This is a good move for Steve and a great move on the part of the Concord School District. I know he’ll do a wonderful job. Congratulations, Steve.

We are adjusting to the harbor here. The immediate harbor is not “pretty” but we are hoping for time to explore the area more fully.

060719 Day 275 Cook Islands, Rarotonga–Stuarts Arrive