Day 268, Year 1: A Sunny Day in Raiatea
Date: Wednesday, July 12, 2006
Weather: Beautiful, Sunny Day
Location: Uturoa, Raiatea (Society Islands, French Polynesia)

We got our wish. We awoke to a blue, sunny sky. After a few days of clouds and rain, it was certainly a welcome relief. James on Cheyanne left around 9 AM headed for Bora Bora, and Don and Barbara on Lutana II left shortly thereafter, also headed to Bora Bora. That left just Jerry and Kathy of Po’oina roa on the dock with us, but that changed quickly as they day progressed. Right now the dock is totally full, all US boats from the Pacific Northwest with the exception of the big French catamaran, Sarabi, and another big charter catamaran, Raiatea out of Papeete. The US boats are White Swan out of Port Townsend, Washington, Capaz out of Portland, Oregon (2 young boys aboard), Moorea out of Seattle, Washington, Ohana Kai out of Port Orchard, Washington (2 young boys aboard), and Seacor (young single-hander from the US). We have met the folks on White Swan back in the Marquesas in Ua Pou, but have not met the other cruisers. Kelly and Kelly of Moorea came over this evening to say hello. They are a great young couple from Washington and we enjoyed our conversation with them. They are probably in their mid-thirties and will be returning to work once this trip is over. Tomorrow night we are going to have a dock party here so we can all get to know one another.

Mark spent his morning in the local internet cafĂ© and came home a couple of hours later very frustrated. The connection is just too slow for sending pictures, so we are going to have to send pictures on a CD in the regular mail to our son Justin. It will take awhile, but the pictures will get posted at some point. Mark returned to the boat just long enough to eat lunch and then he was off to Po’oina roa with his SailRite sewing machine to attempt his first canvas repair for another boat. It took all afternoon, but he was able to replace a zipper, repair damaged corners, and restitch areas where the thread had rotted in the sun. His repairs worked and he felt good that he was able to do this. Maybe he has a new career as a boat canvas maker?!!

I took a walk around the dock this morning to say good-bye to Lutana II, and then spent the rest of the day onboard editing pictures. Mid-afternoon here, our SAT phone rang. It was Mary Ellen and Lee. They arrived home last night and wondered if something was wrong since logs haven’t been posted for the past couple of days. I assured them that all is well here and that we have been sending the logs. Something went haywire with the website on Day 264 and nothing has posted since then. I hope that our son Justin will be able to get whatever it is that is wrong fixed soon. Until then, I will keep posting logs in hopes that they will get through soon.

And some great news this afternoon: Richard, the local guy who offers his services to cruisers came by to say that our autopilot part was in Papeete and would be shipped this afternoon. He should have it tomorrow and we should have a repaired autopilot no later than Friday. This is perfect timing as it looks like there may be a weather window opening up on Friday or Saturday that would allow us to take off for Rarotonga, which is about a five days sail away. We are anxious to get going now. We have seen French Polynesia and are ready to meet up with good friends Linda and Mike and their son Garrett.

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