Day 250, Year 1: Day in Papeete, Evening at the Grand Ballet de Tahiti
Date: Saturday, June 24, 2006
Weather: Showers and Sunshine
Location: Anchored Closer to the Reef, Still Near Marina Taina, Papeete, Tahiti

Every day just gets better and better. Today we got up early headed into Papeete on Le Truck. Mark and I wanted to go to one of the local chandleries, NautiSport, to try and find a few boat needs. Unfortunately they had nothing that we needed, but we took advantage of being in the locale to visit a few hardware stores. We enjoyed going to Ace Hardware and exploring. Mark’s brother-in-law, Lee, is a retired Ace Hardware manager, and he had a great time checking out the Ace Hardware here in paradise.

We then headed back into downtown Papeete to visit the Tourist Center and other downtown facilities. Mary Ellen and I enjoyed our visit to the local market and to the Pearl Market. I actually ended up buying a few pearls at the Pearl Market, but Mary Ellen bought her pearls outside the local market area.

We toured more of downtown Papeete and then returned to Windbird. We decided to dinghy over to the Intercontinental Hotel to see the evening show of the Grand Ballet de Tahiti. It was a wonderful show of local culture. You could say that it was “hip shakin’ babes and guys with sexy buns” or you could just say that it was a wonderful presentation of dance art. Whatever, we truly enjoyed the performance.

When we returned to Windbird it was only about 10:00 but we were all beat. It had been a full day. Everyone else has turned in and I intend to head to bed as soon as I post this log.

060624 Day 250 Society Islands, Tahiti–Grand Ballet de Tahiti