Day 25, Year 1: Baby Steps
Date: Friday, November 11, 2005
Weather: Continued Warm Fall Weather
Location: Oxford, Maryland, Tred-on-Avon, SailAway Marina

Retraction. The new Yanmar did not arrive today. Mack-Boring decided to put a cooler on the transmission which delayed shipping by one day. So Monday should be the new arrival date. Mark and I spent the first part of the morning across the way in the Hinkley Boat Yard laundromat and then Mark spent the rest if the day down in the engine compartment removing old hoses and wiring and rearranging the “furniture.” I think we could use a little advice from Martha Stewart here. He took out shelving and disconnected most everything. Right now he is in the process of repositioning all of the various bilge and sump pumps, and is reinstalling enough of the plumbing for us to take a shower. Tonight we are going out to dinner with a friend, Julie Reed, who lives close by. And if we want to keep her as a friend, showers are definitely in order. Julie used to work at New Hampshire Public Radio before moving back to the Eastern Shore. We visited with her once before when we were sailing in the Chesapeake. She has kindly offered to loan us a car for tomorrow so I can do some more shopping for provisions. I thought I had most everything, but as the week went on, I discovered a few missing items.

We didn’t make huge progress today, but Mark feels good about what he accomplished and I’ll have to be satisfied with baby steps for now. I will write again when the new engine arrives . . . hopefully on Monday.

051111 Day 25 Boston to Norfolk, USA–Removing Engine Room Shelf