Day 184, Year 1: Looking Good
Date: Wednesday, April 19, 2006
Weather: Beautiful Sunny Day
Location: Academy Bay, Puerto Ayoro, Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos

It was a good day. Early this morning, one of the mechanics that had helped us remove the broken parts that once held our transmission to our engine reappeared. Ronnie worked with Mark for less than three hours and then he looked up and smiled. That was the indication that he had been successful. We held our breath and started the engine. Everything seemed fine. We then put the transmission in forward, and still all seemed fine. When Mark put the transmission in reverse, I thought I heard a little crunching sound, but we tried it a second time and all seemed fine. We were certainly relieved, but we will know more once we take the trial run to Isabella tomorrow. If that works, then we are on our way to the Marquesas.

As soon as we got up this morning, Procyon was leaving the anchorage. Then Rama, the sailboat that had been anchored right behind us, sailed away. Then Mia II left for Chile. And then Valtair, the boat anchored beside us left. Other than the mega-sailboats, that left only Jade, Sail la Vie, and Windbird. Unbelievable. Just a week ago, there were 30 sailboats in the anchorage here. It really is time to move on, so we are very hopeful that all will be fine and that we will be able to move on. In order to get ready to do that, I went to town to buy the last fresh vegetables and bread. Normally we make all our own bread, but we do like the bread from the local panaderia (bakery), so I got enough to get us out to sea where I will hopefully have time to bake again. I went in on the water taxi with Cam, the young woman from Jade. She and her husband Arnie have two absolutely beautiful little girls. Cam was running into town to get laundry and buy the last meat and veggies she could find. She had not shopped here before, so we went together for the shopping trip. Jade will be leaving for Isabella in the morning, so this was her last chance to stock up as well. We had asked our agent Johnny to have drinks delivered to the boat this afternoon and we had already topped off the water tanks yesterday. We think we have what we need to get us through the long passage ahead. Let’s hope so.

I spent the rest of the day getting pictures sent to our son Justin to put on the website. Because of the terribly slow connection here, it took three hours to send the pictures, and still not all went through. I might try again from Isabella, but the pictures I did send should give the general feel for our travels and discoveries here in the Galapagos. Mark came in and met me and we bought more things at the American style super market. We took things out to the boat and then Mark returned at 6:00 to get the laundry. I will miss the Lava Flash lavenderia.

Our agent, Johnny Romero, is coming out tomorrow by 0630, so it is time to turn in and get some rest. Johnny will have our international zarpe which is our ticket. We have really enjoyed getting to know Johnny and will miss hearing every boat in the anchorage calling constantly for Johnny Romero. He’s quite a popular guy here. Even though almost all of the sailboats are gone, he is kept very busy by the mega-yacht crowd.

Wish us luck in our trial run to Isabella. We’ll let you know tomorrow evening how that goes.

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