Day 140, Year 1: The Land of the Pelican
Date: Monday, March 6, 2006
Air Temperature: 83 degrees F
Water Temperature: 68 degrees F—Back Down Again
Latitude: 08 degrees 18 minutes
Longitude: 78 degrees 54 minutes
Location: Rio Cacique, Isla Del Ray, Las Perlas Islands, Panama

We moved today from Espiritu Santo on Isla Del Ray to Rio Cacique on the same island. We started out motoring, but then had a great sail with the winds behind us. As we approached the new location, it looked like there were white caps in what was supposed to be a calm anchorage. As we got closer, we saw that the “white caps” were really just the splashes caused by diving pelicans. These guys are like little dive bombers, and there are SO many of them. When we were sure the anchor was secure, I just sat for a long time watching the show. This place must be teeming with fish. There are local fishermen who work this area during the day and they stopped by our boats this evening peddling the day’s catch. We are going to buy tomorrow and try to freeze some if we can.

Sylvia and Doug from Windcastle are here, as well as Patrick and Margaret from Aqua Magic. There is also another US boat from Seattle named Calypso. We have not met them yet, but maybe tomorrow. Windcastle, Aqua Magic, and ourselves plan to depart here on Thursday morning for the Galapagos, but until then, we are all working feverishly to get our boats ready. We are lightly sanding and doing a couple of coats of varnish on the teak trim on deck. We put 15 coats on during the summer, and so far it is holding, but we want to try and keep it that way. This requires a couple of maintenance coats every 6 months or so. Doug is also doing varnish work on his boat, but he has a great deal more wood trim that we do. Aqua Magic is doing a little engine work. The main bolt that holds on their alternator broke and fell off today, so they are working on that problem. Tomorrow, I am going to teach Sylvia how to make bread, and in so doing, I will make a couple of loaves for each of us to start out our trip. It will be a busy day.

060306 Day 140 Panama–Rio Cacique, Land of the Pelican