Life After Windbird, Day 98: Having Fun with Kevin & Claire, Heather & Jon
Date: Friday, November 18, 2016
Weather: Sunny and Clear; High 55, Low 46 degrees F
Location: At Home at the Studio, Falmouth, MA

It was a fun day with Kevin and Claire and Heather and Jon. And Heather and Ollie joined us for lunch, so that added even more fun. After a big breakfast, we headed to Woods Hole to go to the aquarium and the WHOI Exhibit Center. We started at the aquarium for the seal presentation and then toured the aquarium. All of us were fascinated by the tiny sea horses.01-sea-horses After that, Claire gained entry for us all to tour the Marine Biological Lab building that houses holding tanks of critters that are sold to other research institutions. There was a big tank of skates and another one of skate egg cases. You could actually see the developing skate inside the case.02-skate-egg-case Squid, horseshoe crabs, sand dollars, and small sharks were among the list of critters in the other tanks. And after this, we headed to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Exhibit Center.03-kevin-inside-alvin-mock-up Heather and Ollie met us there and we all went to Quicks Hole Tavern for lunch. On the way home we made a stop at the Nobska Lighthouse04-at-nobska-lighthouse and when we got home, a down time was in order for all. Once we regained our energy, Kevin did the prep work for dinner and then Jon helped him grill the steaks.
Tomorrow we have decided to not go to Nantucket, but to stay on the Cape and do a little exploring. We are hoping to encourage Heather and boys to join us. Ollie told Heather he wanted to go with Oma’s friends to “explore the world”—so we’ll try not to disappoint.