Life After Windbird, Day 94: Delightful ‘Do What I Want to Do’ Day
Date: Monday, November 14, 2016
Weather: Sunny; High 59, Low 50 degrees F
Location: At Home at the Studio, Falmouth, MA

Today was a delightful day of doing just want I wanted to do—which was not much. I caught up on watching a number of health-related web programs and then this evening I went to Heather and Jed’s to spend time with Ollie while Jed took Sam and Jonah to their scout meetings. Heather is in Boston at a conference and will return tomorrow evening. So tomorrow afternoon I’ll go pick Sam and Jonah up after school and we are going to experiment with making apple cranberry juice from apples from Maine and cranberries from the neighborhood bog.

Got some great news from Puerto Rico late this afternoon. Justin and Jo have been trying to buy a house, the same house, for over a year and a half. The bank bureaucracy to get the loan has been crazy. But finally today they got the ‘approved’ email. I am so happy for them. That’s it from here for today.