Life After Windbird, Day 61: Return from New Hampshire
Date: Wednesday, October 12, 2016
Weather: Beautiful Day, Warming Up a Bit
Location: Back Home at The Studio, Falmouth,MA

After a lovely morning in Rye, New Hampshire, I returned home to the Cape. The weather today in both places was just beautiful and the leaves were almost at peak in Rye.
New Hampshire has about 17 miles of coastline and the towns of Hampton and Rye are the beach towns. Rye is just south of Portsmouth. Portsmouth is a beautiful waterside city of about 5,000 people. From Portsmouth you and cross over to Kittery, Maine, or to an island where New Hampshire’s smallest town, Newcastle, is located. This island is home to about 1,000 people. And from Newcastle you can continue back to the mainland to Rye. My friends Leslie and Rich live in Rye just across the bridge from New Castle. This morning Leslie I walked, along with Leslie’s little doggie Roo, about five miles from her home in Rye, across the bridge to Newcastle, passed Wentworth by the Sea Hotel and Marina, down to the water, and then on through New Castle, and back to Rye.
What a beautiful walk! Everywhere we looked there was either water, colorful fall trees, or old historic homes. Couldn’t have been prettier. And it was so much fun for me to walk through the marina. Pre-Windbird, we kept Sky Breaker at the Wentworth Marina for a couple of summers.

After the walk, we drove across the Piscataqua River to Kittery, Maine, where I had hoped to buy a new pair of Tevas for next spring. But the shoe store where I have shopped for these in the past has changed ownership and Tevas had been put away for the winter. Guess I’ll have to return in the spring. We also stopped in Kittery’s little downtown and had a pastry at Lil’s. I don’t eat wheat products these days, but I made an exception at Lil’s. The decision between a cruller, an almond croissant, and a chocolate croissant was painful as all looked so good. The cruller won and it was “melt in your mouth” good. Unfortunately, I’m paying the price this evening with terrible acid reflux. Next time I might make a smarter decision!

I stopped by Heather and Jed’s on the way home to say hello. They were in Maine for the three day weekend and then I left for New Hampshire. It was great to see them for a few minutes and I invited them over for dinner on Friday evening. Then on Saturday I’ll see everyone at the soccer games. When I arrived back home, I unloaded the things I bought at IKEA. I now have a second set of low shelves behind the dining room table and a coat rack by the door. Well, I have assembled the coat rack, but not the shelves. That’s tomorrow’s job. I was also greeted by Ed, the maintenance guy, telling me that I still have no heat but that someone is coming tomorrow to check this out. Thankfully it is a tad warmer this evening, but it still only 64 degrees in here. I don’t mind 68 degrees, but a daytime and evening indoor temperature of 64 is just a little too chilly for me. Hopefully this will be resolved tomorrow.