Life After Windbird, Day 46: Credit Cards, Social Security, and Shopping
Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2016
Weather: Overcast and Warmer; High 71 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Studio #8, Falmouth, MA

Life goes on. Today I tackled American Express, Social Security, and did a little shopping. Since Mark was the primary card holder for our credit cards, even though I was an authorized user and had my own cards with my own name on them, all of those have been cancelled. That happens automatically when a death certificate is issued. So little by little, I tackle another card and get a new one issued in my name. Today it was American Express. And then I called the local Social Security office to see where I could deliver our marriage license. If your spouse’s Social Security is higher than your own, you have to produce an official marriage license in order to apply to get the higher payment. So I did that and signed paperwork to have Mark’s September payment returned to me. That payment arrived in Mark’s bank account three days after he died, so the bank returned it. The Social Security folks were nice enough to tell me that the payment was for August and that it should have not been returned. They were very, very helpful and I really appreciated that. But then the frustrating aspects of today kicked in—shopping for shoes and a tool cabinet. I drove off-Cape to a DSW shoe store to try and find shoes in wide sizes, any kind of shoes, other than Teva sandals. Sandal weather is ending and I have to find some shoes—but not easy when you need wides. I totally struck out on shoes and the shopping for a tool cabinet at Home Depot. They had the storage unit I wanted, but it weighs 270 pounds and the box was so big that there was no way I could handle it. I’ll wait until my nephews are here this weekend and take them to help me transport that.

Justin called this evening when I got home from my shopping trip. He sent a couple of real time photos of Coco playing with the goats. So cute. It was wonderful to have them here for two weeks and I really miss them. So, Justin and Jo, keep those photos coming.