2024 Life Logs, Day 30: The Dead of Winter
Date: Tuesday, January 30, 2024
Weather: Mostly Sunny, Cold; High Temp 33, Low 24 degrees F
Location: At Home on Lakeview Avenue, Falmouth MA

Okay. When I took Shadow for his morning walk, I tried hard to find something beautiful to brighten my day. All I found were dead plants everywhere except for my garden where the Swiss chard is still trying to survive. It did look beautiful, but generally my search left me thinking that the term “the dead of winter” describes best what I saw today. When I searched that term, I learned that historical average temperatures typically reach their lowest point of the year between January 10 and February 10. So, I am going to hibernate until Valentine’s Day and hope that by then the temperature rises just a little. Today just felt too cold for me.

I took Shadow to his grooming appointment, did a couple of laundry loads, read a little, and watched another two episodes of Growing Floret. That was it for my day.