2024 Life Logs, Day 187: Pity Party and Birthday Party
Date: Friday, July 5, 2024
Weather: Overcast with Periods of Rain: High Temp 76, Low 72 degrees F
Location: At Home on Lakeview Avenue, Falmouth, MA

I am having a Friday night pity party because I have had quite the day. I seem to be on a roll these days of having one problem after another. The day got off to a great start with a walk with Shadow. It had been raining, but it looked like it had stopped, so Shadow and I headed out. We made it back home just in time for me to go to PT, but when I stepped out the door, it was pouring rain. I grabbed my raincoat, but I still got soaking wet getting to the car. By the time I got to PT, however, the rain had stopped. I went in and got started as usual. It has been a week and half since I have seen Matt, my physical therapist, as I had a substitute last Thursday and a cancelled appointment on Monday of this week. He asked how things were going and I told him about a pain I have been having in my right thigh for about six or seven days now. It feels like a muscle cramp and I have just assumed that is what it is. But Matt wanted to investigate further. I had me get off the machine and on to one of the examination tables so he could take a closer look. My leg more swollen than it has been for weeks and after checking a few other things, he said it could possibly be a blood clot. I didn’t even think of that possibility since it has been over seven weeks since the surgery, but Matt said the possibility had to be eliminated. So, I spent the next two and half hours in the ER to have an ultra-sound done. It is not a blood clot and the doctor who examined me feels sure it is just a muscle issue. Matt will see me on Monday, and the meantime, I am to use heat on the back of my calf four times a day and massage it. Just when things were going so well.

Then on my way home from Heather’s this afternoon, I tried to roll down my car window and it made this horrible, grinding noise, went down about five inches, and stopped dead. I can’t get my car key back in the ignition if I forget and take it out, the air conditioning in the car doesn’t work, and now I have a permanently open driver’s side window. I was so upset about the window that I forgot and took the key out when I got home and I could not get it to go back in. I do believe the time has come to look for another used car that I don’t have the money to pay for. Pity, pity. But I’ll start looking for a used car tomorrow. It is supposed to rain tomorrow, so I taped the open space with strips of heavy-duty duct tape. Ollie said it looks like my car has an eyebrow on one side. He thinks I should tape the passenger side to match!

Enough pity. The other party today was Jonah’s birthday party. He had a family birthday party on June 26th, the day he turned 15, but postponed the party with friends because Jed was Italy. That party was supposed to a climbing and ziplining expedition at the Adventure Park at Heritage Museums & Gardens today. But that had to be cancelled when we thought Jonah had broken his toe. So, he had three friends, Kaiden, Tristin, and Joey, come over to play outdoor games at home. They played spike ball in the back yard, corn hole in the front yard, watched the Germany vs Spain and France vs Portugal Euro soccer games, ate home made pizza, and made a late evening expedition to Megansett Beach to jump off the dock at high tide, on to Chapaquoit to jump off the bridge, and home for ice cream cake from Smitty’s. Molly, his ‘adopted’ sister, came over after her workday at Smitty’s and went to the beach with the boys. Sam and Ollie also went.

I didn’t go on the beach expedition, but Sam and Ollie stopped by to pick me up and take me home with them afterwards for birthday cake. Even though it was a rainy, overcast day, Jonah really had a great time with his friends. All of the kids seemed to have fabulous time and Jed even invented a new (new to him) homemade pizza.. When he asked the boys what toppings they wanted on the pizzas, Joey said Chicken Bacon Ranch. They had bacon in the fridge, chicken nuggets in the freezer, and Heather made ranch dressing. It was also fabulous.

When Heather brought me home, she asked if I would like her to try and start the car. Of course, I wanted her to and she was successful right off the bat. Now I can start my car search tomorrow. Hurray! And I also talked to my good friend Lynne Kirwin. We are hoping it is going to work out for her to come visit sometime in the first two weeks of August.