2024 Life Logs, Day 17: Surgery Day
Date: Wednesday, January 17, 2024
Weather: Sunny and Cold; High Temp 27 Low 20 F
Location: At Home on Lakeview Avenue, Falmouth MA

54321. The day finally came, and everything was perfect. Heather arrived at 7:30 am and walked Shadow while I took that second required shower with the antibacterial soap and got ready. We left Shadow here to be picked up later by Jed and headed to the Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis. I was checked in and taken pack to the pre-op area where I was greeted by two of Heather’s friends who were on duty. I recognized one and she was actually my prep nurse which made things so personal, and the other was Melissa Keefe, Heather and Jed’s neighbor for years until they moved to Grasmere. Long story short, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect experience which I will write more about tomorrow night. I was out of surgery in one hour instead of two, and ready to head home by mid-afternoon as Dr. Papavasiliou decided that I would be more comfortable going home. I had no pain and still do not, but I am on pain meds. I can stand up straight and walk without support. I know this is the honeymoon period, but I am enjoying every minute of it. It is just so wonderful to be able to walk without pain. I made Heather go home to spend some time with Jed and the boys while I promised to sit still until she returned. We then had dinner and watched a movie, American Symphony. Wonderful. I will write more about that tomorrow night as well.

Thanks to so many of you who sent texts to me today. Wonderful day! Wonderful friends!