2024 Life Logs, Day 160: Ollie’s Soccer Game, Trip to Boston, Dinner with Family
Date: Saturday, June 8, 2024
Weather: Partly Sunny; Temp 69, Low 59 degrees F
Location: At Home on Lakeview Avenue, Falmouth, MA

I was up early this morning to go to Ollie’s 9 am soccer game. His team won 2-1 which means they advance to the final playoff game next Saturday. On Thursday, Jonah’s team lost their bid for the playoffs, but Jonah scored the only two goals made my Falmouth. And tonight, Sam’s ACI team lost. Unfortunately, Sam was not able to go to the game due to the cut on his heel that he got last night at the beach. So, after Ollie’s game next Saturday, there will be no more soccer until practice starts up in August.

After I got home from the game, it was almost time for Justin to head to Boston to pick up Jo and Coco. Ziggy didn’t want to go with him, so I decided to go with him. It gave me a nice chance to just talk with Justin on the way up and a chance to hear all about the Melanie Martinez concert last night from Coco on the way home. The trip took longer than expected, however. When we go to the Quincy Adams station in Braintree, Jo and Coco were not there. Justin called Jo and found that they were waiting at the Broadway station in Dorchester for a bus. The T was not running from there to Quincy Adams due to planned maintenance that we did not know about. So, we drove on into Boston to pick them up. There was traffic, as always, but we finally made it home after 3 pm. We took time to drive by Heather and Jed’s sailboat, Ardenna, to take a peak but we missed Heather and Jed. They had been there cleaning but had to make a run to West Marine. At least Justin, Jo, and Coco got to take a peek at Ardenna. When we got home, we all had a late lunch, and then Justin headed to the T-Mobile store with Ziggy and Coco. Jo took a nap, and after I rested while elevating and icing my knee. I then fixed dinner to take to Heather’s. We bought pulled pork at Wicked & Wood on the way home from Boston, so I just had to make the buns, a red cabbage Cole slaw, and chocolate pudding pie. It was after 7 pm when I finally finished everything, and then Jo and I packed things up and headed to Heather and Jed’s for dinner. Justin was in the T-Mobile store for over two hours switching his account from Sprint to T-Mobile. Sprint was bought out by T-Mobile, but he had not been able to transfer the account to T-Mobile in Puerto Rico. It did take a bit, but he finally got everything set up as it should be. He had sent Ziggy and Coco on to walk to Heather and Jed’s instead of making them wait for the transfer process to be completed. Coco came out of the deal with a new pink i-phone and she was quite happy about that.

We had another nice dinner together as a family once we all got to Heather and Jed’s. It dawned on me today that tomorrow is our last day together and we have not gotten a family photo with all of us in it. We decided to try for a late day photo tomorrow either on the beach in Quissett Harbor or at the Knob. Fifteen years ago, we had a professional photographer take photos of us on Quissett Beach, but there was no Coco and no Ollie in 2009. It might rain tomorrow, but hopefully the sun will come out late day just in time for our photo shoot.