2024 Life Logs, Day 147: Motivation or Lack Thereof
Date: Sunday, May 26, 2024
Weather: Mostly Sunny and Warm; Temp 71, Low 58 degrees F
Location: At Home on Lakeview Avenue, Falmouth, MA

I spent most of my day feeling sorry for myself because I cannot garden like I normally do. The new elevated raised bed I planted prior to my knee surgery is doing great, but the only things growing in the other raised beds are kale and Swiss chard from the fall. I have some flowers I grew from seed that are still on the shelves in the living room because I just can’t seem to get motivated to transplant them. But finally, late this afternoon, I got a bit of a start on transplanting some of those flowers. If I can just do a little bit each day, I think I will be amazed at the results. So, it is time to stop feeling sorry for myself and get to work!

Sam and Jonah drove to Harwich this morning for their soccer games while Heather played the role of overseeing Ollie’s first paying lawn job with his riding lawn mower. It was a big yard and it had not been cut this spring making it a much bigger job than just normally cutting the grass. The riding lawn mower has a huge bin where the cut grass automatically goes, but it was filling up after every go around the yard and had to be emptied. Ollie will have to continue that job tomorrow as Heather had to leave at 3 pm to take Jonah back to Harwich for his second game of the day. His team won 1-0, so he must be back in Harwich for the final at 1 pm tomorrow. But first, he and Ollie will march with the Falmouth combined band in the Memorial Day Parade tomorrow morning. Thankfully, Jonah has a ride with a friend for tomorrow’s game, so Heather doesn’t have to drive out there again.

Since Heather and Jonah were not going to get home until 7:30 tonight, I sent a text to Sam saying that if he could come pick me up, I would come fix dinner. I had a grocery delivery today that included a couple of steaks for shish kabobs for tomorrow evening. But we had those with roasted potatoes and a salad of butter crunch lettuce from the elevated raised bed. I did say anything about the lettuce being from my garden, but Sam was raving about how good the new hydroponic bib lettuce is that is a new item at Stop and Shop. He loved that the lettuce from my garden is even better. But the best thing about the evening was that I did not have to cook the steaks. They were very thick, so Sam decided to cook them on the stove top in a cast iron skillet and finish them off in the oven. He was the chef and Ollie the sous chef and they cooked the steak just perfectly and made a delicious butter sauce with fresh thyme and rosemary from the deck garden, a little garlic, and some red wine. I was amazed that they knew exactly how do this.

The news from Puerto Rico is that Covid hit Justin hard today. He is feeling awful, but still hopeful that he will be able to fly on Tuesday. Coco was much better today, and Jo is feeling good enough to work on packing. So far, Ziggy is still Covid clear. I contacted Lynda this afternoon about the possibility of me staying in the studio apartment while Justin and Jo are here and she is fine with that. So, if they can get here, I think we can arrange things so we can visit