2024 Life Logs, Day 06: Sam, Sam, A Driving Man
Date: Saturday, January 6, 2024
Weather: Mix of Sun and Clouds; High Temp 35, Low 27 F
Location: At Home on Lakeview Avenue, Falmouth MA

Samuel Ellery Goldstone, my first and now oldest grandchild, passed his drivers test and bought a car, all today. He is over the top happy and, of course, I am over the top happy for him. I went over late in the day to see the car. Sam and Ollie came out and gave me the full tour. I think Ollie is as happy about the car as Sam. Jonah is still testing positive for Covid, so he couldn’t come out. But I am sure he is happy for Sam as well. The car is a hunter green 2003 VW Golf, which makes it 20 years old, but it certainly doesn’t look that old. It looks much better, inside and out, than my 2010 FIT. I hope it runs as good as it looks. It had to be towed home as it doesn’t currently have a license plate. But that will be remedied soon. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Sam so completely happy. Memories in the making.

Today was the day to take down the Christmas tree and the garland and lights on the fence out by the street and light pole nearer to the house. Ollie and Jonah did all of the outside decorating, but Ollie had to be the one to undo. Ollie and Jed came for a short time before Ollie’s horseback riding lesson and then returned afterwards to finish the job. They left my big plastic Christmas bin in the living room for me to finish putting the last bits away. Then it will go to the basement. Thank you to Jed and Ollie for fitting this into their busy day.

Yesterday and today have been tough ones for me. I have had more pain than usual. Maybe it is because I have been spending both days at home doing not much. I am even having trouble sitting, which is a brand new symptom. I am hoping things will be better tomorrow. But tomorrow does not look like a good day to go out and about. It will be another day inside. The big storm headed our way is expected to bring lots of rain.