2023 Life Logs, Day 75: Delightful Belated Birthday Luncheon
Date: Thursday, March 16, 2023
Weather: Mix of Clouds and Some Sun,, N Wind; High 50, Low 34 degrees F
Location: At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

The temperature actually got up to 50 degrees F today with a little sunshine here and there. But that north wind continued to blow and it did not feel like 50 degrees to me. Tomorrow the high temp is forecast to be the same but the wind will be coming from a southerly direction. Hopefully that means it will actually feel warmer. Monday is the first day of spring, so even though we had a mild winter, I am ready for sunshine and warmth.

Bruce and Jane Woodin returned from a winter in warmer climates yesterday. The Baranowskis returned from a couple of weeks in the Caribbean on Sunday. And Midge Frieswyk returned from her travels. So the three women in our Dining In group that had birthdays during the past three weeks finally got together to celebrate our birthdays. We are the seventy somethings with one eighty something and it was great to be together again. We had lunch at the Dunbar Tea Room in Sandwich, and it was a great choice. I am not a tea lover, but I do like Rooibos tea (red leaf) from South Africa. The Tea Room had Cape Cod Rooibos advertised as Cranberry red leaf tea with a few other leaves added to the mix. It was fantastic as was the lobster quiche. It was a great belated birthday celebration for Midge, Christina Brodie, and me.

I talked with friend Lynne Kirwin in New Zealand this evening. We always enjoy our ‘catch up’ phone calls, but she will be returning to the US to visit this summer and I can’t wait to visit in person.

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