2023 Life Logs, Day 71: Whole Cape Tour–Woods Hole to Provincetown
Date: Sunday, March 12, 2023
Weather: Cloudy turning Partly Sunny Late PM; High 38, Low 34 degrees F
Location: At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

What a whirlwind of a day. Peppe, Shadow, and I headed out around 9 am for a driving tour of Falmouth and a driving and walking tour in Woods Hole. Peppe and I had both forgotten that the time sprang forward one hour during the night, but we quickly adjusted once we got us and looked at our cell phones. I guess there is a reason they are called smart phones. They do keep us on track.

The plan for today was to experience the beauty of the Cape and that we did. We drove the beach route to Woods Hole, stopping Nobska Light House, driving into Woods Hole past the Martha’s Vineyard Ferry Terminal, the Woods Hole Oceanographic buildings, and on to the Marine Biological buildings. We visited Marina Park and communed with the Rachel Carson sculpture, drove past the the NOAA US Fisheries building and Woods Hole Aquarium, and into the parking lot of Stony Beach to survey the views of Buzzards Bay. Next was a stop at Quissett Harbor, the Woodwell Climate Research Center, a drive down Main Street Falmouth, and back home to drop off Shadow and continue on to the Outer Cape.

Once we were in Truro, we stopped for lunch at Boxed Lunch and then on to High Head Beach to see the gray seals. It is a trek through deep sand and up a steep dune to get to the beach, but the effort has been worth it as there are always lots of seals in the water. Just not today. There was not a seal in sight. We reluctantly headed back to the car, very disappointed that there were no seals, but that was soon overcome with our explorations in Provincetown … a drive out to Race Point Beach … a stop at the visitor center to enjoy the views from atop a hill overlooking the ocean … and then a leisurely walk down Commercial Street in Provincetown having the street almost to ourselves. It is so different at this time of year without the tourists and we enjoyed every minute of it. Peppe loved the art filled walls of one of the alley ways. We stopped by The Wired Puppy for some hot chocolate and then headed back to the car to travel on. I heard from Heather while we were walking in P-town and she suggested that we might find the seals in Chatham at Chatham Light Beach. So, on we went. Unfortunately, the seals were not there either, but we certainly soaked in the beauty of Cape Cod in our search of seals.

We changed gears tonight and watched the Oscars. We both now have a list of movies on our ‘must watch’ list, with Everything, Everywhere, All at Once at the top of the list. We will sleep in a bit in the morning and then Peppe will drive back to her sister’s home in New Hampshire and start packing for her flight back home in Washington state. We discovered this weekend that Sam and Dawn, also past owners of Windbird, live on the same peninsula near Seattle as Peppe and Bob. I am hoping they can meet once Peppe is back home. She hopes to fly on Wednesday, but the Northeast is expecting some nasty weather coming in tomorrow evening through Wednesday morning. Fingers crossed, Peppe’s flight is not cancelled.

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