2023 Life Logs, Day 54: More Snow Fun
Date: Thursday, February 23, 2023
Weather: Snow; High 30, Low 19 degrees F
Sunrise and Sunset in East Falmouth: 6:26 am – 5:25 pm (+2 minutes)
Location: At Home at Cinnamon Sticks, West Dover, VT

Jed took off early with Sam, Jonah, and Ollie to head to Mt. Snow to snowboard on the new fallen snow. We didn’t get as much as predicted, but we did have about 6-8 inches of new snow this morning. We were still getting snow flurries during the morning and Ziggy and Coco were out sledding while Heather and Justin were clearing the snow from the cars. Jed returned mid-day with the Goldpebbles as all of the Mt. Snow lifts had been closed due to icy conditions. Up on the mountain they were getting an icy mist that covered everything. There was more playing in the snow and late afternoon and a lot of driveway shoveling. The snow plow did not come as promised and Justin and Jo had to leave to drive an hour or so south to Plainfield to do a Silvermouse performance. Silvermouse is the the name of Justin and Jo’s electronic music duo. It is a long, long driveway, but Heather persisted and got the whole driveway cleared as best she could while Jed went to get more sand. They parked the van at the top of the driveway so at least one car could get in and out. The shoveling and sanding was good enough for Justin and Jo to get out. While they were gone, Heather started a new puzzle and the kids played pool and darts and continued their Marvel movie watching. At the end of the evening, we all watched an old James Bond movie together. Cinnamon Sticks, the house we are renting, has the perfect layout for two families and an Oma. There is a living room upstairs as well as three bedrooms. That living room is the moving watching room. Downstairs there is the pool table and dart room, a living and dining room and a kitchen. So, visiting and game playing is done on the first floor and moving watching is done upstairs. It makes for a perfect combination.