2023 Life Logs, Day 52: Snow Fun
Date: Tuesday, February 21, 2023
Weather: Overcast, Snow Early Evening; High 31, Low 22 degrees F
Sunrise and Sunset in East Falmouth: 6:29 am – 5:24 pm (+3 minutes)
Location: At Home at Cinnamon Sticks, West Dover, VT

Today ended up being a ‘recovery’ day—no snowboarding—but our day did end with some snow fun. Mid-afternoon we took a break from just enjoying the day . . . reading, puzzling, playing games, just lounging. We drove a little south to the town of Wilmington to do the river walk. It is a just a half mile loop through town, across the river, and back to where we started. We stopped in a little shop with all things Vermont, a great little book store, and the grocery store to resupply. It started snowing on our way home and continued snowing throughout the evening. Not a heavy snow, but a few inches that made for a great nighttime snowball fight. There were lots of sneak attacks. Anyone under 75 got bombarded when coming out of the house, but the age limit spared me! Of course, this meant that all of the nice, dry snow gear ready for tomorrow’s trip to Okemo had to dried . . . again. But what fun! The other hilarious event of the evening was playing a memory game called Find My Behind. We had to match an animal’s head to its tail. It started quietly, but when the first person made a match, we were all yelling at the top of our lungs to cheer the person on. Thankfully there are no houses near us, so we could be as loud as we wanted and evidently we wanted to be really loud. By the end of the game, which Heather won, we were all hoarse and almost in tears with laughter. I guess it doesn’t take much to entertain the Handley-Hunt-Goldstone family