2023 Life Logs, Day 320: Getting Ready to Head to Puerto Rico
Date: Thursday, November 16, 2023
Weather: Still Sunny and Warm; High 60 Low 36 degrees F; Sunset 4:24 pm (-1 min)
Location: At Home on Lakeview Avenue, Falmouth, MA

Today was a bit of shocker for me. For whatever reason, the pain from my back issues ruled the day. Getting the house ready for Brian and Nadia, plus packing, plus finishing up some Encore business was overwhelming. I started with the Encore business and got that done. Then I moved clothes in my closet to make room for guests to hang things. Just that little bit of work was more than my back could handle, so I had to sit and rest a bit. Then I took the bedspread, the comforter, and sheets off the bed. I managed to get the sheets in the washer, but then had to rest again. The bedspread and comforter are too big to wash at home, so they required a trip to the laundromat. Just carrying that much weight was also hard. And so it went all day and evening. I did a little work, rested, did a little more work, rested again, did some shopping and came home and rested. You get the idea. Everything took twice as long as it would have normally. I can’t wait to get the MRI on December 2nd to see what is causing all this pain. Whatever, it is just no fun. But I persisted and finally got packed when I got home from taking Ollie to tennis lessons. I will do the final house cleaning in the morning as I just can’t do it tonight. Hopefully, I will be out of here by 8 am tomorrow morning and at home at Finca Maravilla to sleep tomorrow night.