2023 Life Logs, Day 296: My Nephew Tommy Visits
Date: Sunday, October 22, 2023
Weather: Sunny and Windy; High 59, Low 45 degrees F; Sunset 5:53 pm
Location: At Home on Lakeview Avenue, Falmouth, MA

My nephew Tommy lives just north of Charlotte, NC, but he flew in this evening as he has a conference on the Cape for the next couple of days. Heather, Jed, and the boys, plus myself, met him in Woods Hole for dinner at the Quahog Republic Leeside. I had not been there since it changed names and owners. It was different than I expected, more of what I call bar food than a real dinner menu, but it was perfect for tonight. We had a wonderful dinner together.

Happy birthday to my friend Lynne. She is back in Michigan with family and will leave for New Zealand on Wednesday.

Otherwise, Shadow and I had a quiet day with a tiny, little walk, some house cleaning, some grocery shopping. Just life.