2023 Life Logs, Day 290: Work and Play
Date: Monday, October 16, 20231/2
Weather: Mix of Clouds and Sun; High 58, Low 49 degrees F
Location: At Home on Lakeview Avenue, Falmouth, MA

My morning was spent working on Encore business, doing laundry, going to the grocery store, and to Hannoush Jewelers. The laundry was bedding—a quilt Lynne used while she was here and the bedding on the inflatable mattress I have had in the living room since August. I deflated it and put it away today. All of this stretched the limits of my back, but it needed to be done. The trip to the jewelers was an emergency visit. Last night I found that I had an open sore under the ring that Mark gave me years ago. We were not really into wedding rings, but one day I walked past a jewelry store and saw a beautiful antique ring. He bought it for me, I have worn it every since. That was 49 years ago. But the open sore required I take the ring off and I just could not get it off no matter what I did. Soap was helpful, but not helpful enough. So today I went to Hannoush Jewelers to see if they could help me. They sprayed Windex on my finger and with a lot of effort I was able to remove it. Now it needs to be increased from a size 5 ½ to a 7 ½ and that is going to cost more than $200. I will pay to have it done, because I feel naked without that ring on my finger. At least they didn’t have to cut it off. I was sure that was going to be the case.

This afternoon I met Ollie after Jazz Band and he walked Shadow. I then returned to spend a lovely “Happy Couple of Hours” with Karen Baranowski. I invited her over as I hardly ever see her. When I lived in the cottage, I saw her often. We had a wonderful couple of hours together. We’ll have to make a habit of this.