2023 Life Logs, Day 216: Finally . . . Drip-irrigation System is Working
Date: Friday, August 4, 2023
Weather: Mostly Sunny; High 75, Low 67 degrees F
Location: At Home on Lakeview Avenue, Falmouth, MA

It was supposed to be first on my agenda, but somehow that got switched to the last job of the day. Regardless, I finally got the drip-irrigation system all connected and working. I’m afraid it is too late to save my tomatoes, but I just might rip those out and plant some fall crops in their place. I spent the first part of my day planting the Black-Eyed Susan’s I bought at Job Lot yesterday. There are the beginnings of a little rock garden in front of my deck—there are rocks and some Hosta. So, I planted the Black-Eyed Susans in front of the Hosta and I have grand plans for the space directly in front of the deck. I got most of a drip-irrigation system to that area as well. But I will need some help transporting garden soil to the area. I’m hoping I can get Jonah or Ollie or both to help me with that before they head to Maine next week.. I also went on a weeding frenzy to get rid of all the tall weeds in parts of the yard that were getting ready to spread their seeds everywhere. They are now gone. But never fear, there are many more short weeds that need to be pulled. Still lots to do.

I spent some of my day on the phone with the mechanics at the shop where I had my car towed the second time. The car has been there since Wednesday morning, but they didn’t have time to check it out until today. They told me the same thing the first shop told me. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my car. They cannot get the check engine light to come on no matter what they do. And unfortunately, the first shop cleared the computer system, so no one can tell what is wrong until that light comes on again. Heather is headed to Rhode Island in the morning to pick up Jonah and Ollie from Scout camp. She will drop me off in Sagamore and I will attempt to drive the car home. I am certain the check engine light will come on after I drive about 3 miles and then the car will only go 40 miles an hour. The mechanic assured me that I can go ahead and drive the car home if that is the case. But he assured me that he drove it for five miles and had no problems. I don’t know what I will do with the car once I get it home, but better to have it back here than so far away. Or maybe the problem is solved. That would be great.

Jonah and Ollie have had a good time at camp this week. Tonight, Heather showed me a few photos that Mr. Bruce, the Scout Master, sent to her. On the first day, Jonah caught a 17.5 inch fish when all of the other kids were catching little 5-inchers. We knew Jonah would have a good time because his good friend Joey is there. But we were all a bit nervous about Ollie as this was his first-time camping without a parent. They have had good weather and both Mr. Bruce and Jonah assure us that Ollie has had a great time. Mr. Bruce just says he doesn’t want us to let Ollie grow up.